Saturday, 19 October 2013

Nangma khawvel - Mizo book release soon

A Mizoram young talented writer Zara ( His official name is Mr. R. Lalzarmawia) third book 'Nangma Khawvel' will be release on 23 October 2013 at Zonet Studio, Zarkawt, Aizawl. This book is compiled in Mizo language and the contents willbe including from depression to a ray of hope and also to how to overcome difficulties in life etc. The author Zara is well known amongst the Mizo writers he is currently Editor in Sabereka Khuangkaih (Literary monthly magazine in Mizo language) and also columnist at Vanglaini (Largest Mizo daily newspaper in Mizoram), his column 'Bihchianna' is one of the most readers' favourite column in the Vanglaini daily.  The price of this new book will be Rs.100/-, for those who come on the release date will be given with 20% discount. Based on the public assumption Zara's new book will contribute  high literary values in Mizo language like he had done in his earlier two books - 'Zing Daifim' and 'Nang leh Kei". For those who are interested in Mizo literature must not to be missed out this upcoming book. 
Zara (R. Lalzarmawia) third book 'Nangma khawvel' book cover design
I nunah zalenna puang la,
I thlirna eng chuan i taksa pawh a vultir leh mek e....

I rilru hliam chu thehthang la,
A tibuaitu che chu phihthla la,

Hlauhthawnna thinlung ata zalen tawh ang che!
Nang chuan i hma lam chiah en la,

Harsatna chu amahin lo invui liam rawh se...

'NANGMA KHAWVEL' by Zara  (R.Lalzarmawia) buatsaih Oct 23, 2013 hian Zonet studio-ah tlangzarh a ni leh dawn ta, Mizo thu leh hla a tui te tan chuan he lehkhabu chhuak thar tur hi hmaih chi a ni lo ang. Aman Rs.100/- a ni ang.

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