Saturday, 26 April 2014

Open Appeal to Webmaster of Mizoram Board of School Education

Website Administrator,
Mizoram Board of School Education,
Chaltlang, Aizawl, Mizoram -796012

Subject: An open appeal to review MBSE official website (  contents and to make necessary correction.

Dear Sir/Madam,

While checking HSLC 2014 result that you have recently declared we came to know that your esteemed office has new website template (  We have found many textual errors in your website, and most unscrupulous mistake in disclaimer section is even your official nomenclature "Mizoram Board of School Education" is incorrectly written with "Mijoram Board of School Education". We have never heard there's Mijoram state under the sovereignty of Indian republic, if we are being ignorant on this regard we beg your kind excuses. In your website home page picture slider section we have also seen very strange name of "Mizoram School Board Education", is this a new board set up in Mizoram? or we are being ignorant again? We think it has to be written as it proper name i.e. "Mizoram Board of School Education". Moreover, in Affiliated school section we also came to know that there's "Aizwal District", if you can tell me where is Aizwal district located? or is it newly created district in Mizoram? Sir/Madam, as per our very limited knowledge we knew only Aizawl district not ever being heard about Aizwal district! Moreover, could you please tell us since when Cachar, Assam is included under the domain of Mizoram Board of School Education? You had included this also in Affiliated school section!

To be honest and not to be consider as racist your website home page picture slider also showing non-Mizo students and teachers, if you can add or replace with some pictures of our very own Mizo students and teacher we will be very much obliged to you. In our opinion your website is funded from Mizoram state budget and your main concerned must be Mizoram state, therefore displaying non-relating Mizoram pictures may be inappropriate for public views, it can also be consider as insulting to Mizo students and teachers. Nowadays thing can be done easily as we are living in technology era, we think there's a government school near to your very own MBSE office (Chaltlang, Aizawl), just get down for a while and click with your camera so that you may have beautiful Mizo students and teachers pictures for your web sliders. If Mizo students and teachers pictures are displayed on your home page than the existing ones we will be much more delighted.

Sir/Madam, we request you through this open appeal to take necessary correction in your esteemed office website i.e, if you consider this appeal we the concerning Mizo citizens will be grateful to you.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,

Editorial Staff,
Lamtluang Mizo Online News Service,
Aizawl (Not Aizwal), Mizoram (Not Mijoram).

(We are enclosing screen shot images of erroneous in your website that need to be corrected, kindly check it from below.)

Error no.1 Mijoram Board of School Education (What is Mijoram?)
Error no 2. Aizwal District (What is Aizwal?)
Error no 3. Mizoram School Board Education (We never heard this!)
Error no.4 Can we have Mizo students pics here?

Error no.5. Can we have Mizo pictures instead of this?

Error no.6. Is Cachar, Assam is really included in MBSE domain?