Monday, 26 June 2017


*Nizan khan Mizoram Synod Revival Meet vawi 6-na Ramthar Kohhran Biak Ina  neih chu an tiak ta.

*Nimin khan Mizoram Presbyterian Kristian Thalai Pawl Pastor Bial hrang hrang ten kum chanve intawhkhawm (Half year meet) an hmang hlawm.

*US tlawh a zin mek India PM Narendra Modi chuan nimin khan Washington ah US sumdawng lian 21 te intawhkhawmnaah thu a sawi.

*TT Royte Trophy Inter Branch Football Tournament 2017 final ah Ramhlun South Branch YMA ten Chanmari Branh YMA te hnehin an pakhatna anni.

*Vawiin hian Muslim sakhawbetu ten an chawnghei tihtawp nan Idu'l Fitr kut an hmang dawn.

*Inrinni khan Isreal indo thlawhna ten Syria nen an ramri buai lai Golan Height an tih hmun an kap. Israel thlawhna te hian Syria tank 2 an kahchhiat sak niin sawi a ni.

*Haryana state sawrkar chuan mi retheite tan health insurance a pe dawn. CM Manohar Lal chuan an state sawrkar chuan district tinah medical college din vek tumin hma a la mek a ti.

*Nimin khan Pakistan a Punjab province ah tuialhthei phur truck chesual in a phurh tuialhthei lakruk tum te zing a kangmei a chhuah thut avangin mi 150 chuang in nunna an chan a, mi 117 in hliam an tuar.

*Lamtluang min lo hlut sak thintu te in zavaiin Chawlhkar thar hman nuam vek ule. In comment leh like te kan hmu khat ta thin hle mai, in ngaihawm thin ania.


#FeminaMissIndia2017 grand finale nizan a neih zawh takah #FeminaMissMizoram #RodyHVanlalhriatpuii chu top 15-ah tling in vanduaithlak takin top 6-ah a tling zo ta lo. Lamtluang thulakna ten an tarlan danin Femina Miss India 2017 atan hian Haryana nula #ManushiChhillar thlan a ni a, 1st Runner-up ah Jammu & Kashmir nula Sana Dua thlan a ni a, 2nd Runner-up ah Bihar nula Priyanka Kumari thlan tlin a ni.

Manushi Chhillar
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Nizan a Mumbai a Femina Miss India 2017 sub contest crowning ceremony neih zawh takah #FeminaMissIndiaMizoram 2017 nilai Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii chuan sub title 2 - INIFD Corporate Miss Talented leh Jio Miss Popular a dawng. Lamtluang thuhriat danin sub contest ceremony hi Mumbai khawpui a Hotel Sahara Star ah neih a ni. Miss Rody sub-title lak pakhat zawk Miss Talented hian kum 1 chhung Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing (INIFD) khawi hmunah pawh fashion & interior design programme Rs. Nuaih 1.5 chuang man a thlawnin an zir thei dawn a ni. Nizan programme hi dar 8.30 ah tan niin Jio TV ah chauh live a tihchhuah a ni. Femina Miss India final round hi June ni 25 zanah neih a ni ang.
Femina Miss India Mizoram 2017 Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii won Jio Miss Popular and INIFD Corporate Miss Talented.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Pate Ni (Father's Day) Chibai

#Lamtluang min lo hlutsak thintu te zing a 'Pa' zawng zawng te 'PateNi' chibai kan buk vek a che u. Happy Father's Day!

#fathersday #pateni #pa #father
Father's Day (Pate Ni) picture in Mizo language

Father's Day (Pate Ni) picture in Mizo language

Thursday, 15 June 2017


The largest Non-Governmental Organization in Mizoram Young Mizo Association (YMA) will be celebrating their 82th foundation day which is called as YMA DAY across the state and its neighbouring states. YMA has branches in almost every villages in and outside Mizoram where Mizo community existed. Many of their branches will be celebrating YMA DAY by doing voluntary social works and entertainment programmes. The state government also declared holiday for YMA DAY. Lamtluang send you greetings and wishes you all on this auspicious YMA DAY.

Young Mizo Association (YMA) Day Chibai/Greetings to all the Mizo who are in and outside Mizoram.

Kan mangan lai a min tanpui thin tu, kan lawmni a min lawmpuitu, khawvel kan chhuahsan hun pawhah a tawp thleng a min thlahtu tur pawl ropui #YMA piancham (YMA DAY) chibai vek ule.

#YMADay #youngmizoassociation

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Mizoram premier college Pachhunga University College  (PUC), Aizawl open online admission for 2017-18 academic session. As per the Lamtluang sources PUC is the first college in Mizoram that offer online admission. Last date of online application is 8th June, 2017.  First selected list for admission will be declared on 19th May, 2017 and Final selected list (Final and Second list) will be declared on 9th June, 2017.  Excellent students can avail direct admission within 15th-19th June, 2017. The college offers under graduate courses in Arts, Science and Commerce streams. PUC is recently re-accredited A+ grade by NAAC and UGC offers "College for Potential Excellence". For those interested in applying online admission may click the following links:

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Mizoram News: Congress retain majority in Mara Autonomous District Council Election

Indian National Congress (INC) won majority votes in Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) General Election 2017, in  Siaha District, Mizoram. INC won 17 seats and the coalition opposition Mizo National Front (MNF) & Mara Democratic Front (MDF) won only 7 seats against the total number of seats 25. An independent candidate also won single seat. INC will continue for the third consecutive terms in MADC.  The detail result of MADC General Election 2017 on the following:

1. Tôkalô
INC = H. Valai - 266
MDF = J. Rawna -266
Ind = KL Bana - 282
Elected - KL Bana (Ind)

2. Phura
INC = K. Pawhnie -547
MDF = K. Nadaw -422
Elected - K.Pawhnie

3. Vahia
INC = K. Chhuabei 732
MDF = JH. Pasai 568
Elected - K.Chhuabei

4. Laki
INC = T. Seidô 496
MDF = B. Pasia 338
Ind - K. Rahi 273
Elected - T.Seido

5. Zyhno
INC = L. Priscilla 509
MDF = Siabei Solo 303
Kt Vawsa BJP 47
VT Lysa Ind 263
Elected - L.Priscilla
6. Chapi
INC = Laibi Chozah. 294
MNF = FC. Rehmô 489
Elected - FC.Rehmo

7. Chakhei
INC = K. Hrahmô 705
MNF = Mahu Chozah 572
Elected - K.Hrahmô

8. Siata
INC = LC. Apaw 434
MNF = L. Khaichyu 446
Elected - L.Khaichyu

9. Tisi
INC = Tiahlei Syuhlô 536
MNF = Laihra Nohro 517
Elected - Tiahhlei Syuhlô
10. Tipa-I
INC = F. Lawmkima 561
MDF = T. Vabeikhai 419
Elected - F.Lawmkima

11. Tipa-II
INC = K. Siakhai(INC 353
MDF = C. Vahlô 142
Beihu Ind 254
Nghakmawi 320
Elected - K.Siakhai

12. Laty
INC = Beirahmô Syhly 542
MDF = M. Laikaw 515
Elected - Beirahmô Syhly

13. Saikao
INC = IP. Junior 654
MDF = B. Luaha 727
Elected - B.Luaha

14. Amôbyuh
INC = N. Zakhai 717
MNF = K. Robinson635
Elected - N.Zakhai

15. Amôtlâh
INC = RT. Zachônô 416
MNF = HC. Lalmalsawma Zasai 444
Elected - HC Lalmalsawma Zasai

16. Noh-aotlâh
INC = F. Hrangchunga 485
MNF = N. Lalrosanga 576
Elected - N.Lalrosanga

17. Chhaolô
INC = MH. Tiabi 576
MNF = HC. Malsawmthanga 280
S. Beitia BJP 52
S. Beizawngia Ind 165
Eric Nolua Ind 106
Elected - M.H.Tiabi

18. Siaha N-I
INC = Ng. Silla 543
MNF = Nahlô Solo 502
Elected - Ng.Silla

19.Siaha N-II
INC = V. Vanhupa 596
MDF = C. Lawbei 586
Elected - V Vanhupa

20. Siaha S-I
INC = VB. Byhna 607
MDF = N. Beikhai 608
Hc Lalthansanga ind 96
Elected - VB.Byhna (VB.Sawma)

21. Siaha S-II
INC = KH. Beihlô 853
MNF = N. Viakhu 679
Elected - KH Beihlo

22.Siaha E-I
INC = H.Hrangchuanga 686
MNF = K.Sangtlunga 447
Tlanzara Hranglung Ind 583
H. Zaiapa Ind 146
Elected - H.Hrangchuanga

23. Siaha E-II
INC = LC. Chakhai 782
MNF = HC. Biakcheuva 1287
BJP--Pawkhu T.Azyu--55
Elected - Hc Biakcheuva MNF

24. Siaha W-I
INC = James T.A. Riatha 695
MDF = K. Chiama 721
K. Mara ind 216
Norman V. Edom ind 178
Elected - K. Chiama

25. Siaha W-II
INC = H. Sahlô 1902
MDF = Pakhu Hlychho 1007
Elected - H.Sahlo. INC


Monday, 8 May 2017


Two young lads from Tuikual South locality in Aizawl were drawn into Tlawng river on Sunday afternoon. Lamtluang informer said that F. Lalchhandama (18) s/o F Lalmalsawma and C. Lalremkima (16) s/o C. Lalngaihawma gone to Tlawng river for swimming after appearing NEET 2017 exam and they met their fatal accident in the river. Tlawng river in Reiek road is just an hour drive from Aizawl main city, many youngsters often spent their weekend in summer. The bodies of these two lads were found within 200 meters from  where they started swimming.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

News in Mizo: Pathianni Zan Chanchinthar tawi

*Samajwadi Party hotu Mulayam Singh Yadav chuan kum 2012 a a fapa Akhilesh Yadav Chief Minister a nih tir kha a inchhir thu a sawi.

*Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi minister atanga an ban tak Kapil Mishra chuan Chief Minister Arvin Kejriwal chu thamna pawisa Rs.Vaibelchhe 2 dawngah a puh. Mishra hian Delhi Anti Corruption Bureau hnenah he thil hi chhui chiang turin a ngen.

*Vawiinah khan Union Minister for Road Transport and Highway Nitin Gadkari chuan India ram a bio refinery hmasaber Pune ah a hawng.


Aizawl FC Hero I-League 2017 Champion Celebration, Lammual, Aizawl
*#Mizoram Synod Mission Board chuan May 4-7, 2017 chhung hian Missionary Retreat for Central Region, vawi 3-na Vaivakawn Kohhran Biak Inah an nei mek. Thupui - “Li thuk lama len den” (Luka 5:4) niin Speaker chu Rev. Lalfakawma Ralte, Lecturer, ATC a ni.

*BCM Zohnuai East Biak Inah Serkawn Pastor Bial TKP Meet hman mek a ni a, Speaker ah Rev.Dr.C.Vanlaldika, AGS i/c Mission a ni.

*Naktuk Thawhtanni hian Mara Autonomous Dirstrict Council (MADC) inthlanpui a vote tla te Siaha ah chhiar a ni dawn.

*FIFA President Gianni Infantino chuan tun hnai a Hero I-League a Aizawl FC te an champion chu lawmpuina lehkha a rawn thawn.

*All India Foorball Federation (AIFF) President Praful Patel chuan I-League Champion thar #AizawlFC ten India football inelna sang a telh anih loh chuan nawrh an huaihawt dawn ti a sawi chu an ngaihpawimawh loh tur thu a sawi. Aizawl FC te hian AIFF khawngaihna vanga I-League khel thei chauh anni a AIFF ah chuan in vau zawng a thil tih in awmzia a nei lo niin a sawi.

*India ram a High Court a hmeichhe Chief Justice hmasaber Justice (retd.) Leila Seth chu kum 86 mi niin Zirtawpni zanah khan a boral.

*Nimin khan India sipai ten Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) a mi mipa naupang kum 12 mi chu India ramri a ruk a rawn pelh avangin an man, he naupang hi India sipai te che vel a ruk a rawn enthlak tum a rin anih avangin sipai ten thuzawhfiah turin police te kutah an hlan a ni.

*Supreme Court chuan India ram chhung a fahrah chawmna in a awm naupang zawng zawng chhinchhiahna (data base) kumin chhung a siam fel turin sawrkar laipui leh state sawrkar te a hriattir.

*Nimin khan Delhi a Tughlakabad veng ah gas leak avangin zirlai naupang 300 leh zirtirtu 9 te damdawiinah dahluh anni. Lamtluang thulakna in a sawi danin Rani Jhansi School a zirlai ten gas leak avang hian mit thip leh thawk lama harsatna an neih avangin police an phone a, an chhui chiannah an sikul bula gas dahkhawmna atanga boruak tha lo rawn put chhuak vang a ni tih hriatchhuah a ni.

*Vawiinah France President thar tur thlanna thawhhnihna neih a ni dawn. Lamtluang thuhriat danin tun tum inthlanah hian Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron leh National Front candidate Len Pen te chuan chak zawk nih tumin ngawrh takin campaign an nei a ni.

*Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chuan zing a mi Tourism and Water minister nilai Kapil Mishra chu a ban. Mishra aiah hian Rajendra Pal Gautam lakluh  anih rin a ni. Lamtluang thuhriat danin Minister ban a nih chhan hi Delhi mipui te tui mamawh phuhruk turin a thawk chak tawk lo ni a sawi a ni.

*TUNHMA VAWIIN: Kum 1939 vawiin angah khan Germany leh Italy te chuan Indopui II-na ah an tan rual tur thu an puang, chu chu Rome-Berlin Axis ti a hriat a ni. Kum 1940 vawiin angah khan Winston Churchill chu British Prime Minister atan lakluh a ni. Kum 1975 vawiin angah khan Vietnam War a tawp.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hero I-league 2017 Champion Aizawl FC homecoming

Mizoram Football Association (MFA) organised grand welcoming programme of newly crowned Hero I-League 2017 champion team Aizawl Football Club (AFC) in Lammual (AR Ground), Aizawl on 1st May 2017 (Monday) Evening. Lammual ground was fully occupied from all walks of people. Central Young Mizo Association(CYMA) cultural troupe lead the champion team with Mizo cultural dance 'Khuallam", followed by Mizoram Armed Police 3rd Battalion brass band and 1st Batallion pipe band. Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau, Senior Executive Secretary, Presbyterian Church of India, Mizoram Synod blessed the programme with Bible reading and prayer. Mr. Lalnghinglova Hmar, Hon.Secy MFA also delivered a speech. Owner of Aizawl FC Mr. Robert Romawia Royte also gave a team report and vote of thanks. Mr. Lalzirliana, Home Minister, Govt.of Mizoram also delivered a speech. The gathering was entertained by Mizo celebrated artiste - Mr. TBC Zaithanpuia (Ro min rel sak an che & Lalpan thil ropui min tih sak e), Mr. HC Lalsanglura (Teuh lo mai) and rapper Lilzo (Ka sawm che, Ka natna i chhawk & Duati). To support and appreciate the victory of the People's club of Aizawl FC in the Hero I-League Mizoram government also declared half holiday for government employee across the state. This welcoming programme was given live telecast by local TV operator ZONET. As the information got by Lamtluang news from the team management AFC will leave Aizawl within a couple of days to face Federation Cup 2017 at Cuttack, Odhisa. 
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
AFC owner Mr. Robert Romawia Royte declared that in appreciation of their success in Hero I-League 2017 he will give Rs.25 lakhs to the players and coaching staff. He also said that money will be shared by the team according to their performance in the recently concluded I-League. The club owner told the crowd that there will be a grand celebration of their champion in Hero I-League in Aizawl but only after Federation Cup 2017. Different sports bodies in Mizoram and many individuals also presented huge token and gifts to the team in appreciation on their victory. The full packed ground of Lammual in this programme truly revealed that the People's club of Aizawl FC won not only Hero I-League but also the heart's of the people.
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
Coach Khalid Jamil waved the crowd. Aizawl FC's Hero I-League Champion celebration at Lammual, Aizawl
 Live video record of the welcoming programme of Aizawl FC:

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