Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mizoram octogenarian baker Hmingliani passed away

Aizawl based famous baker and proprietor of Hmingliani Bakery Mrs. Hmingliani (83 years)  of Mission Vengthlang passed away this morning (2:20 a.m) due to diabetics at Aizawl Hospital. Her funeral programme will be held today's noon on their residence at Aizawl, Mission Vengthlang. The octogenarian baker Hmingliani was one of the earliest bakers in Mizoram, she was well trained by Welsh Christian Missionary Pi Te-i (G.R. Roberts). RIP
Pi Hmingliani (Proprietor of Hmingliani Bakery, Aizawl)

Aizawl a bakery lar tak 'Hmingliani Bakery' neitu nu Pi Hmingliani, Mission vengthlang chu tukin dar 2:20 khan zunthlum natna vangin Aizawl Hospital ah a boral. Pi Hmingliani hi Mizo te zinga chhangur hmasa pawl leh tun thleng a eizawnnan a la hmang niin, Zosap Missionary Pi Tei te kaihhruaina hnuai a chhangur bul tan a ni. Vawiin 17.8.2013 ah an chenna Mission Vengthlang ah vui a ni ang. A kalsan tak a chhungte kan tuarpui e.
Hetah hian i lo like ve thin dawnnia

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