Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lamtluang is now on blog

Dear Visitor,
This blog is created for updating and posting regional, national & international news in Mizo language. Lamtluang news service in Mizo language is started with  but due to discontinuation of free sms distribution by the we could not reached to our members who used to got our news post in their mobile phone inbox. As the sms free distribution service was not possible to restore in that site we opened a new page in  in July 2013 to reach out our old and new members who are there in facebook. Then finally this blog is being created to reach out more people in wider global village.

Our news collection mainly giving about the Mizo people and Mizoram affairs but that does not mean that we are not concerning other places and their news also. Our main purpose is to provide reliable and fast news from any sources for the Mizo online community.

We usually collecting news item from various sources in online and offline sites, and we do transcription and re-posted in Mizo language and please remember that we do give credits and courtesy notes as possible as we can. We hope we can provide simply the best news items for you in Mizo language. In case of non-Mizo readers we can provide English transcription as per the requirements received. By the way, 'Lamtluang' is a Mizo word it literally means 'pathway' or 'roadway'. Today is 67th Anniversary of India's independence and to commemorate this great day we dedicate this new blog 'Lamtluang News' to all the Mizo citizens who are living in the Republic of India. Jai Hind!  Last of all, if you are there in facebook like our page

Thank you!

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